Connector of dots.

Terribly human.


      Spring Health    2022—

Select outward-facing projects from my time at Spring Health, a company that provides systematic mental healthcare services through a bespoke clinical approach: Precision Mental Healthcare, as a member of the marketing arm’s creative team

My focus was primarily on all things digital & brand, while my design counterpart at the organization largely focused on print & spatial. 
All work shown was designed by me, unless stated otherwise. Credits are provided at the bottom-right of each slide, if they apply.

      LETSGETFR.EE  ✶  2022

Through my freelance practice, I designed various pieces of collateral for LETSGETFR.EE, a festival that was set to take place August 20–21, 2022 in the New York City borough of Queens. With this endeavor, I helped architect the overall visual language for the event, from colors to typography to iconography.

      Hologram  ✶  2021—2022

Select outward-facing projects from my time at Hologram, a company that provides cellular connectivity for IoT devices and software for the people who manage them, as a member of the Brand Studio

All work shown was designed by me, unless stated otherwise. Credits are provided at the bottom-right of each slide, if they apply.

––I want to take this time to give a big, big thank you to the Senior Brand Designers and Creative Director I had the pleasure of working alongside during my tenure at Hologram. Also, the same gratitude extends to the team’s Brand Producer & Content Designer.

I appreciate each of you greatly.

On June 8, 2022, approximately 44% of staff were abruptly laid off from the company, effectively cutting the overall design team by about 65%, between brand and product.

Survivor’s Guilt    2021
“Even the thickest skin has its breaking point”

Survivor’s Guilt
was once the first piece in an ongoing series titled Having Looked Both Ways, a collection of digital artworks that explore the depths of internal and external unrest. With this body of work, I set out to encapsulate the tumultuous state of being one often finds him-/her-/themself in when dealing with burden & despair. The wealth of emotions, or lack therof. The viscerality, the crudeness.

In other words, this is my rawest attempt at synthesizing, reflecting on, and coping with a year bellowing in obscurity. 

At the time that this piece was created, I was very wrapped-up in making sense of the year that was 2020-’21.  I have since come to terms with much of what I/we underwent, individually & communally, allowing myself the space and grace to continuously heal within such a complicated process. (I hope the same is true or will be true for whoever reads this!) With that being said, Having Looked Both Ways has taken form as something wildly different, something that I couldn’t have imagined a year ago. I look forward to sharing it with the world!

      Buyin’ (Back) the Block  ✶  2020

Buyin’ (Back) the Block is a tale of discovery, contextualization, and above all else, reclamation. The project explores modes of existence that make being Black in America an unequivocally unique experience. This ever-expanding body of work is chronicled within three interrelated modalities: the physical, the economic, and the mental. The Physical is an examination of the imposed and self-imposed frameworks habitually placed on the Black body. The Economic looks at the dispossession of Black currency, regarding cultural artifacts and the literal dollar. The Mental highlights the ways our current state of being, as a collective, has the power to weigh heavily on the psyche of the individual. Through outlining these three distinct but tightly interwoven threads, Buyin’ (Back) the Block sets out to reclaim what has been taken while underscoring triumphs that can never be seized.

This endeavor has always been much bigger than a thesis for me. I live these truths–– they amass my being. In conversation with those who look like me, I am here to celebrate a world of beauty, one that so happens to have an ugly backdrop. From uneven sidewalks that line these inner-city blocks to rarely re-painted schoolyards, there is undisputed worth present... Our spaces and our circumstances, albeit often not ideal, reflect our resilience, our ingenuity. By referencing the past and documenting the present, Buyin’ (Back) the Block pushes to demythologize our shared future.

Designer.  Communicator.  Connector of dots.
Terribly human.