Connector of dots.

Terribly human.


Wailing Wall  ✶  2019 –– 2020

Using the t-shirt as canvas, I wanted to speak to a reality that is incredibly insidious by nature (no matter how one looks at it). Wailing Walls is what resulted.

The front of the shirt features embroidered text that roughly reads “The Wall is no longer the one wailing. How quick they’re to forget” in Hebrew, & under, a cupped hand catching a single teardrop is pictured. On the left sleeve, additional text pointedly reads “UNO_CUPY PALESTINE,” utilizing the pre-existing stylized ‘C’ to complete the message. The back of the shirt features a silkscreened graphic depicting a Palestinian woman whose visible eye tells a story that‘s equal parts powerful and haunting. This printed image will crack over time— the poetics surrounding such an occurrence speak to all that the people of Palestine have endured.

35% of the profits will be donated to Islamic Aid (Palestine appeal). The rest will go towards making more shirts. By the last round of shirts, my goal is to send 100% of the proceeds to Islamic Aid & other organizations dedicated to aiding all of those impacted.

Occupation is criminal, inhumane, and needs to come to an absolute end globally. FREE PALESTINE & the countless other occupied territories worldwide.

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Designer.  Communicator.  Connector of dots. Terribly human.